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“Hello! My name is Andreas and I am working on an exciting new site to help people get rid of knots in different shapes and forms!

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Andreas Tolaas

Who am I?

Hello! I'm Andreas! 30 year old Norwegian currently residing in the great USA with my wonderful american wife Tammy! I've been in the performing arts for the last 15 years, focusing on breakdance, but branching out to ballet/modern the last few years. Always been into sports, weight training, running, crossfit...basically doing a lot of activities that required a constant focus on keeping the body healthy and improving. My wife is also a dancer as well as a certified BASI-Pilates instructor and we've been married for 6 years! We met in Hawaii working with Youth With A Mission and their performing arts program, and have lived and trained in Norway, New York, Houston and California! Love to learn, teach and grow in all manners of life!


So what is a muscle knot anyways?

So this site is called themuscleknot.com. You might be wondering why? "Muscle knots, or 'myofascial trigger points', are painful, lumpy regions of tense muscle." - sciencefocus.com. Basically me and muscle knots have had a close relationship over the past 10 years. As a dancer and athlete, I have grown more and more in tune with my body and have recognized that its a journey with constant checkup with your machine, figuring out and fixing pains and aches, both mentally and physically. As me and my friends have problem solved issues on each other, and as I've read and studied, I see more and more that these "knots" pop up many places in people's everyday life. So as my awareness and knowledge of these blocks have grown, I've been wanting a place to put my findings and thoughts for other people to read and discuss.

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